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Short Stories

On Spec Magazine Vol. 30 No. 1 Summer 2019


Her clan was done with her but the humans still had a use for her.

Tesseracts Twenty-Two: Alchemy and Artifacts. Loreena Stephens and Susan MacGregor, editors. 2019.

"Cleaning House in Ithaca"

Once he was a mythical hero but now he's just a guy who needs to clean out his man cave.

Tesseracts Twenty: Compostela, Spider Robinson and James Alan Gardner, editors, 2017.


She had become a hermit to avoid temptation and now temptation had come to her.

I Heart Geeks, Susan Renee Page, Editor, 2016.

"The Grand Tour"

 Penny's only goal was to negotiate a space for her sister in the latest clinical trials, but the shy scientist she meets has a lot more to offer. 

On Spec Magazine Fall 2013

"The Ash Queen"

The castle hadn't changed much over the years but the town, nestled below, looked larger.

On Spec Magazine Fall 2012

"The Mesa on the Edge of the World"

 She could sense the tiny pricks of light that were the souls of the people of Terminal and the whirlwind hungered for them.

Jack-o'-Spec, Tales of Halloween and Fantasy, Karen A. Romanko, editor, 2011.


 What is left of humanity is fighting for their lives but is the price of survival too much?

Tesseracts Fifteen: a case of quite curious tales, Julie  Czerneda and Susan M. MacGregor, 2011.

"The Windup Heiress"

 Aliantha's plans for her future did not include a dynastic marriage.

Doomology: the dawning of disasters, Bill Tucker and Wayne Goodchild, editors, 2010

"The Slow Plague"

 Maddy Crow had reconciled herself to the thought of a slow death so hope, in the form of two kids, was hard to take.

Warrior, Wisewoman 3, Roby James, editor, 2010.

"A Pearl of Great Price"

 In trying to redeem her past, she was handed a new future.

Futuristic Motherhood, Trula Brekenridge, editor, 2010.

"The Seventh Fairy"

Their unborn child was selected for genetic enhancement experimentation. He couldn't  tell if it was a gift from the good fairy or the bad fairy. 

Escape Clause, A Science Fiction Annual, Clelie Rich, editor, 2009.

"Eppur si Muove"

 -Is it dangerous, Sir? 

-Oh, I should think not. Just don't let the pidgeons get too near.

Warrior, Wisewoman 2, Roby James, editor, 2009.

"The Last Nice Afternoon in October"

 She was taking her chances but she needed to say goodbye before it was too late. 

Leaps of Faith, Karina and Robert Fabian, editors, 2008.

"The Relics of Venice"

Through science, she found a miracle.

Ruins Metropolis, Eric T. Reynolds and Rose Reynolds, editors, 2008.

"The Amulet of Passages" cowritten with Sarah Totton.

The past was better than the present as long as she could stay alive long enough to enjoy it.

Neo Opsis, Issue #13, 2007


The Cicadas were winning the war and Vivian held the key to stopping them.

On Spec Magazine, Summer 2007 Theme issue: In the shadow of the leviathan.

Her tribe called it manna from heaven, sent to keep them from starvation, yet Rahal could not bring herself to partake of the strange creature lying by the well.

Sails and Sorcery: tales of nautical fantasy, W.H. Horner, editor, 2007.

"Dryad in the Mast"

His family had always used dryad masts on their merchant ships so why was the new mizzenmast giving him so much trouble?

Strange Horizons Issue #30 July 2007

"Wake-up Call"

All her life her mother had dwelt in fantasy world.  But how unreal was it?

Loving the Undead: an anthology of romance...sort of, Katherine Sanger, editor, 2007.

Having Rudolf Valentino as her own personal revenant sounded good at the time.

Thou Shalt Not: stories of dark crime and horror, Lee Allen Howard, editor, 2006.

"Mr. Rutherford's Diary"

He coveted far more than his neighbor's wife.

Open Space: new Canadian fantastic fiction, Claude Lalumiere, editor, 2003.

"La Riviere Noir"

Tracing her husband's fatal canoe trip route alone, Rachel has to deal with more than haunting memories.

On Spec Magazine Winter 2002 "O for a muse of Fire" Shakespeare theme issue.

"Fox and Otter"

If only I could conjure up a groom, cut to my pattern. I'd show him to the Queen and store him in the privy until he was needed again.


On Spec Magazine Fall 2000

Short Story Contest, Honourable Mention

"Preserving the Species"

I was a member of a protected species. That should have been enough to make me feel secure as I walked down the promenade on the upper viewing deck.

On Spec Magazine Spring 2000 Future Crime Themed Issue

"Nor Iron Bars a Cage"

Her punishment was a thousand years of solitude. Finding out she had company was not the reprieve she thought it would be.

On Spec Magazine Fall 1998

"A Valediction"

The Godsacre was her home and the fading digital memories in the mausoleum, her family.